the Del Rio Restaurant
228 Green Bay Road, Highwood, IL                            (847) 432-4608
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Our menu is easy.  We just find and prepare the freshest, highest quality ingredients in the same way you'd find it in our home or in the small mountain town near Bologna, Italy, from which our family came over 100 years ago.  Our presentations are simple, with emphasis on taste, texture and quality.

We consider our menu to have real value.
We combine classic Italian fare with new and creative dishes, while paying full attention to both.


                         Bruschetta di Pomodoro 8.50                   GF Prosciutto di Parma and Melon  10.95
           GF Stella’s Peppers and Sausage 13.95                                        GF Shrimps Scampi   14.95
 GF Portabella Mushroom with Polenta   10.95 
                   Pasta Prosciutto Delicate Spinach Pasta rolled around Prosciutto         13.95
            GF Antipasto for Two, Spiced Meats, Cheeses, Fruit and Other Delicacies  15.95
  Garlic Bread  3.00


Tortellini   9.50               Minestrone  5.95


GF Caprese                                                                                                    7.95        
    Our version, featuring sweet yellow and red cherry tomatoes,
     Ciliegia Mozzarella Cheese, fresh sweet Basil and our House Dressing.  

GF Beet Salad
     A trio of Heirloom Ruby, Golden and Candy Cane Beets served                9.95
    around a bed of crisp Arugula with a dollop of Mascapone and Balsamic.  

GF Francesca Salad                                                                                       8.95
     Mixed Greens with Fresh Berries, Gorgonzola and Walnuts

**  Our Caesar Salad                                                                                     6.50

GF Beefsteak Tomato and Onion with Gorgonzola                                          6.95

Sides                           Gnocchi   8.50                         Ravioli al Forno         8.50
                                   Tortellacci   7.50                   GF  Risotto Milanese       9.50 

Pasta and Rice

                                ** Spaghetti   15.95                  ** Spaghetti Carbonara19.50
                                     Ravioli        17.50                             Ravioli al Forno   18.95
                            Baked Lasagna    18.95                                        Gnocchi    17.95
                   Angel Hair Marinara    17.95                        ** Seafood Rotini     21.95
                    ** Vegetable Rotini    19.95                                  Tortellacci      18.95
                    GF Risotto Milanese   18.95                     GF Mushroom Risotto  18.95
                      Fettucini Del Rio      17.50                             Pasta Prosciutto   19.95  

Pasta and Rice Entrees include Salad
GF denotes Gluten Free, ** denotes may be made Gluten Free


      Eggplant Parmesan in an herbed Tomato Sauce    20.95

GF  Shrimps Scampi, Tender Tiger Shrimps in an herbed Wine Butter Sauce    25.95

GF  Chicken Evviva, Boneless, Skinless Breasts baked in a light, healthy    22.50
       Herbed white Wine Sauce. Topped by a light coating of Gran Padano Cheese

**   Chicken Cacciatore    22.50
      Half Chicken delicately baked in an herbed Tomato Sauce of Wine and Mushrooms
      Served as is tradition over Polenta

**  Chicken Parmesan    22.50
      Boneless breasts baked in herbed tomato sauce, topped with finest Italian Cheeses

      Veal Del Rio, Fine, thin cut, lightly breaded, delicately seasoned    26.50
      Baked in lightest lemon butter sauce

      Veal Modenese,  Fine, thin cut, lightly breaded in the most delicate of     27.50
      Vermouth Cream with Prosciutto and a Light topping of Gran Padano Cheese
      accented by our home-made Fettucini

      Veal Parmesan,  Our traditional presentation of this old family dish    26.50

**   Veal Scallopini Fine Veal Scallops in a Modenese Red Wine Sauce    25.50

GF   Short Ribs of Beef Braised in a Port Wine Sauce    24.50
        served with Polenta and asparagus

GF   Our Special Pork Chop    23.50
        A truly great Iowa Pork Chop, served with our low-carb Veggie 

GF   Rosemary Veal Chop Grand Priz de Veau    39.50
        Group raised for us in Franklin, Wisconsin.

GF   Tenderloin Filet, the finest      5 Ounce 29.50        8 Ounce    37.50

GF   Our Famous New York Strip Steak     12 Ounce    38.50

Steaks can be prepared “Al Forno” with Italian Cheeses and Garlic if you like.

Each Night We Offer a Selection of the Freshest Ocean Seafood
Baked in Lemon Butter, Wine or done in our healthful
Evviva Style (Herbed Wine Sauce crusted with Gran Padano Cheese)

These Entrees Include Dinner Salad and Choice of Spaghetti, Rigatoni, Fettucini or Vegetables.

Gnocchi, Ravioli, Tortellacci, Spaghetti Al Forno and Ravioli Al Forno
are available to replace your pasta side for a modest additional charge of 3.50.

GF denotes Gluten Free, ** denotes may be made Gluten Free